How to add custom HTML to your site

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You may need to add custom HTML to your site such as Google Analytics or a Facebook Pixel. Doing this is extremely easy from the SitePad builder. First, find out where the code you need to add needs to go. Some code may need to go in the header of your site or in the footer. Other codes may be page-specific. Once you know this, you can them modify the appropriate file. In SitePad, navigate to the Pages section. From there, you can select the appropriate file to edit. In this example, we're going to edit the Header file which is globally applied to all web pages on our site. To edit this specific page, click on the pencil icon:.

When the SitePad editor loads, you'll see a preview of the header file. In the upper right hand side, find the three horizontal lines, hover over it, and select Custom HTML.

Paste in your custom HTML. If you need to get more granular, there are a few extra steps.


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