Unable to connect to cPanel server and website, both appear down

If you cannot connect to your cPanel server as well as your website and we are not reporting any known outages, it is possible that your IP is blocked by the firewall on our cPanel server. Here is how to check.

First, login to your client portal account at https://my.nodespace.net. Click on the Support menu and click on Unblock IP (direct link, requires login: https://my.nodespace.net/index.php?m=unblockip). Enter your IP address in the box and click unblock. It will check if your IP is listed in the firewall. If it is, it will unblock it and return the reason.

Accounts are usually blocked for entering a wrong password too many times whether it's logging into cPanel, FTP, or and email account. Our servers also have IPv6 connectivity. Please check any IPv6 address as well.

If unblocking your IP doesn't work, please open a support ticket.

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