How to connect to your VPS console over VNC

To connect to your VPS over VNC, you'll need to have a VNC client installed. Get your VNC credentials from the VNC option on the main VPS screen. If you do not have a VNC client, you can use the HTML5 VNC Client which uses your web browser, or the Java VNC Client. We recommend the HTML5 VNC or an installed VNC client.


To use the HTML5 client, click on the button. You will need to allow popups from You'll have a secure connection to your VPS console.
To use an installed VNC client, note the IP address (not your VPS IP!), the port number, and the password. Example:
54f1b5891adcc7dae669c34cb96f7864ba32e987?t=0167cf1c683ce35c8afadebaf7f16896VNC is not encrypted so accept the warning.
2d9b59aa40691e07fee4d17920bca4618d869d85?t=15c81473e875d2eab6cded6dd0c89270Enter your connection password:
7096d8ffec3e7e0e3ad361e9936af88d2fc068ea?t=466679b59c4a13bad96c2bc154773d8eYou can now access your VPS as if you were sitting in front of it.


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