How do I unlock my domain?

Before you can transfer a domain name to or away from NodeSpace, you must first disable the lock. The lock is a security mechanism to help protect your domain from theft or what is called "domain hijacking". If the lock is enabled, you cannot transfer your domain.

NodeSpace customers can login to their client portal at and access their domains. From there, click on the domain you want to manage and then go to Registrar Lock. If the lock status is ENABLED, that means your domain is locked. To unlock the domain, click Disable Registrar Lock button.

After a few seconds, you should see that your domain is unlocked. Domains must remain unlocked during the entire transfer process or it will fail.

If you are transferring your domain from another registrar, look in your domain manager for a lock toggle or change lock option. If you cannot find it, ask your registrar for support and they can help you unlock your domain.

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