How to get the EPP or transfer code for a domain

In order to transfer your domain, first it must be unlocked. Second, you need to have the EPP or transfer code. This code can be obtained from your current registrar. In most cases, you may need to unlock the domain first. The EPP code will be sent by email to the email address listed as the registrant in WHOIS. Please validate you have access to that email address.

WARNING: Some registrars will impose a 60 day lock when changing the email address. Not all registrars do. But validate you have access to the registrant email before changing it, and if you must change it, do so more than 60 days before you plan on transferring your domain.

NodeSpace clients can obtain the EPP code by logging into and clicking on the domain you wish to transfer. Click on Get EPP Code. The EPP code will be sent to the registrant email address listed in WHOIS.

If you have private WHOIS enabled, the email will be forwarded to the registrant email address. You may need to check your spam or junk folder for the code.

The EPP code can look something like this: Ht56#kg;35@6f as it is randomly generated. Make sure you copy the whole code, including any special characters.

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