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Note: if you have any questions or concerns about our IP address justification requirements, please contact our support team at [email protected]

NodeSpace Hosting abides to the policies of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) regarding IP address allocation. As part of standard service provided, NodeSpace Hosting will assign the amount of IP addresses that customers can justify for use on their hosting server(s). Written justification for any IP address(es) requested is required so that we can demonstrate to ARIN that IP addresses allocated to NodeSpace Hosting are being used efficiently.

IPs may ONLY be allocated for physical servers or cases where name-based hosting is not possible due to technological limitations not yet overcome. IPs may not, categorically, be allocated whereby not all are used for a valid, ARIN-mandated, purpose. Many providers run out of their IP address space and are unable to get any more, if less than 80% of what they are assigned are being used. This is a result of customers requesting more IP addresses than they actually need, or abuse IPs by using them where name-based hosting should be used instead (ARIN has truly been cracking down on this abuse over the last six months especially). We are a responsible internet citizen and will only use and allocate IP addresses only as justified.

If you can justify any number of IP addresses, we will provide them to you. All we need is your justification: explanation of why you need each one, the domain it’s for, and why you can’t use name-based hosting for it instead. Remember, every provider has to follow these rules. We examine each and every IP request to see if the domain name you need it for is currently using services that require an IP such as SSL, Name Servers, anonymous FTP, etc. It takes a long time and often, if the request is for 100+ IPs, it may take a few hours to carefully examine the claim and arrive at the truly justified IP number we can allocate.

To expedite your IP request, you can fill out this form ahead of time and submit it with your request. A new form must be submitted with each request.

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