How do I access IPMI/iDRAC/OOB?

To access your dedicated server's IPMI/iDRAC/iLO interface for Out of Band (OOB) access, check your server details page in the My NodeSpace portal. You may even see an IPMI addon for your sever. This will indicate that IPMI has been enabled on your server.

To access, you will at least need a web browser (Firefox is recommended) and Java (in most cases). For Supermicro servers, we recommend installing IPMIView. You can obtain IPMIView from Supermicro directly at

This tool is available for Windows and Linux. macOS users may need to use a third party solution which is not officially supported.

To find your credentials, go to the Additional Information tab. From there, you will find your IPMI IP address and credentials. The username is CASE-SENSITIVE. 

If you see an IP address that is like 10.90.250.X or 10.X.X.X, you must use VPN to access your IPMI.

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