How to access dedicated server console via IPMI

Attention: This is a new feature for dedicated server clients. Some features and functionality are not yet implemented for all server hardware models and configurations and some features may not be available in all pods.

If you need to access your server's console via IPMI (for example, to determine the cause of a system crash or to reload your operating system), you can connect either via our VPN or through our dedicated server management portal.

Information: This documentation was written before all features were completed or enabled. If you notice that something looks different, it's because our dedicated server management portal is under active development. We will update this documentation as features are released/enabled.

To access your server's IPMI console, access the server manager. Once in the server manager, click on Console.

If your web browser has popups blocked, you may see the following message:

Either allow popups from "" or use your browser's method for opening the popup.

When the window opens, it may take a moment for the console to connect. Once connected, you will probably see a Java warning about the HTTPS certificate cannot be verified. Click on Yes.