How to reload the OS on the server

Sometimes you just need to clear the slate and start over fresh! Good news - NodeSpace offers free OS reloads on bare metal servers and will re-provision any virtual server free of charge. All you need to do is open up a support ticket. The OS reload process allows you to select or change the operating system you use (if you're going from Linux to Windows, you will have a Billing ticket opened as there is a change in price for monthly service; if you're going from Windows to Linux, a Billing ticket will be opened but you will actually see a decrease in price) as well as the control panel.

Bare metal OS reloads: you are permitted 1 free OS reload by NodeSpace per billing cycle. Anything beyond 1 will be charged at $25 per OS reload. OS reloads performed by the customer are free of charge.

Due to the way many control panels operate, if you wish to remove a control panel from your server a OS reload is required.

WARNING: The OS reload process formats the server hard drive(s) and all your data will be removed! Prior to requesting an OS reload, we highly recommend making backups of your server of any data you wish to keep. Once the OS reload process is started, we cannot stop it and we cannot recover any data.

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