Why isn't my service active immediately?

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Shared Hosting

We instantly provision shared hosting accounts once they pass fraud check. Sometimes, our fraud verification server and/or payment processor may place a payment under fraud check which can take up to three hours at times. Some orders, depending on different circumstances, may be held for manual review. If you're a new customer, this is normal. If you're an existing customer, this is because you have either never used the payment type before or your payment was randomly selected for fraud review. Once the transaction clears, our systems will update the invoice and automatically provision the account. Existing customers can contact the Billing department for manual expedite.

VPS Servers

Similar to shared hosting, we will instantly provision VPS servers once they pass fraud check. In some certain circumstances, the order may be held for manual review and verification. Existing customers can contact the Billing department for manual expedite.

Dedicated Servers

We strive for quality, so therefore we do not instantly provision dedicated servers. This is to ensure that the server you receive is delivered in top performance. Part of our provisioning process is a hardware check to ensure there are no bad components and existing components are not in a degraded or near-degraded state. Dedicated server provisioning begins once payment clears and the order is reviewed to be correct and free from impossible configurations (such as ordering cPanel with Windows Server or SolidCP with CentOS). Dedicated servers will be delivered within 1 to 7 days, depending on configuration. The billing cycle does not start until the server is provisioned and delivered.

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